About The AWC Scholarship Program

The AWC Scholarship Program has been active in the Lagos community for over 30 years. This program offers academic scholarships to secondary school students attending university programs. To date, over 300 students have benefited not only from the financial support but also from the mentorship provided by numerous members of The AWC who have acted as student sponsors. Sponsors help to identify potential students, assist them through the application process and act as mentors throughout their time in university. Club members who have acted as sponsors always describe the experience as one of the highlights of their stay in Lagos.

Eligibility Criteria for The AWC Scholarship Program

All  Scholarship Applicants Must:

  1. Be a Nigerian citizen, preferably a woman
  2. Have a Lagos residential or mailing address
  3. Be recommended and sponsored by a current member of The AWC
  4. Have completed secondary school
  5. Have their WAEC or NECO results
  6. Have JAMB or POLY JAMB results
  7. Undergo a review of program and university if enrolled in a pre-diploma program
  8. Demonstrate financial need
  9. Have proof of acceptance into an accredited federal or state university or a Polytechnic (no private institutions)
  10. Show proof of enrollment in a school

All Student Sponsors Must:

  1. Be a current member of The AWC
  2. Know their student personally (strongly recommended – exception being when a student is transfered from one sponsor to another due to sponsor’s relocation)
  3. Help their student manage The AWC scholarship application process
  4. Submit the completed application package to the scholarship chairperson before the deadline
  5. Help with interview process and be part of The AWC Scholarship Committee
  6. Be willing to mentor their student over the period of a full academic year
  7. Be capable of monitoring their student’s academic progress
  8. Identify a new sponsor for their student in the case of relocation
  9. Respect the decisions made by the Scholarship Committee
  10. Attend all AWC functions that require the students’ attendance

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or would like to continue being a sponsor, please see below for more information and the necessary forms.

Forms for New Scholarship Students

New Applicant Application
New Applicant Sponsor Information
New Applicant Sponsor Recommendation

Forms for Continuing Scholarship Students

Continuing Student Application
Continuing Student Community Service Documentation
Continuing Student Sponsor Information
Continuing Student Sponsor Recommendation

To learn more about becoming a sponsor with The AWC Scholarship Program or if you have any additional questions, please contact Margaret Anyigbo at


Azamma Esther Micheline

American Women's'Club came to my life at a time when all hope was almost lost. I just got admission into the university then and was in my first year in school when I was introduced to the club by my Sponsor Mrs. Gaye Lantz (The director of curriculum at American International School of Lagos). AWC was able to give me hope again and a means to realize my dreams as a young woman .It has given me the opportunity to acquire quality education regardless of my family background. AWC has also been able to create exposure for me through volunteering and participating in its various programs like its Annual Membership Tea which was held at the Consulate General's residence in Ikoyi and had in attendance the First lady of Lagos state Mrs Abimbola Fashola. The children Halloween party at the American guest house in Ikoyi was the very first experience of a Halloween party for me as it very exciting and interesting having to see the children all dressed in their various costumes and having various award categories being given like the most original costume, the best Halloween costume etc. The celebration of National Women's History Month at the Civic Center was another memorable event as it had in attendance prominent men and women and captains of industries. The American Ambassador Honourable Terence P. McCulley, The Consulate General, The wife of the senate president of Nigeria, The former deputy Governor of Lagos state, Senator Oluremi Tinubu the wife of the former Governor of Lagos state, Nike arts and many other distinguished guests . AWC has also inspired and motivated me in many ways which made me contest in my faculty (social sciences students' association) election for the position of the financial secretary and with God on my side I won . The truth is it was actually my 2nd time running because I contested in the previous year but didn't win but believed that with hard work, focus and perseverance we can always get what we want in life as they say 'nothing good comes easy'. I am in my final year now and I look forward to graduating next year August . I am a young Economist today but will be a renowned Economist tomorrow. I pray to do my masters abroad hopefully through a scholarship. I believe in myself and know that one day I will be in a position to make better and sustainable economic policies to drive and aid growth and development in the Nigerian economy. Words cannot fully express how grateful I am for the love and support AWC has shown me over the years. I am especially grateful to my sponsor Mrs. Gaye Lantz who has not just been a mentor but also like a mother to me. To Mrs. Margaret Anyigbo and the AWC community in its entirety I say thank you.

Azamma Esther Micheline
University of Lagos (400L Economics)
Adamson Folasade Mariam

Good afternoon to the distinguished women of the American Women's Club (AWC). I am very happy to be standing here today. My name is ADAMSON, Mariam Folasade a graduate of Pharmacology from the University of Lagos and also a beneficiary of the AWC scholarship.
I remember my first year days in the university which also coincided with the final year of my diploma in science lab technology in Yaba College of Technology and how financial difficulties almost made me lose hope in getting university education. It was almost deadline for payment of the university fees and I was helpless. My parents could not afford the fees and I was not ready to forfeit the admission. I had to go from one uncle to another to raise the sum of 50,000 naira and the money raised could only cover my school fees.
My closest friend (Ekpo Agnes) introduced me to Mrs Margaret Anyigbo and since that moment she has been more than a sponsor to me. She helped me through the whole process and I got on the scholarship. I remember how the first bank alert I received got me dancing. Since that moment my academic life took a new turn. I could concentrate on my studies without having to think about how to sort payment for one handout or another practical manual. I got the scholarship till I graduated from the university.
I graduated as the best graduating student of the department of Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology, College of Medicine, University of Lagos with a CGPA of 4.80 out of 5.00 in year 2015 and I owe this to God Almighty, my family and the great AWC.
I want to use this opportunity to say a very big thank you to the AWC for believing in me and giving me a helping hand during my times of need and I pray God continue to bless each member to continue to reach out to more members of the Nigerian student body as there are so many other people out there with potentials but lack the necessary funds to further their education.
Words are not enough to thank my sponsor, Mrs Margaret Anyigbo for being a blessing to me. Though I sometimes get scolded but it's to bring out the best in me. Thank you for believing in me and always giving me the necessary push.
In all, my experience with AWC has taught me that when I attain greater heights (which I'm on my way there already), I should not forget my humble beginnings and reach out to the younger generation who may also find themselves in the same situation as I did find myself.
Thank you Ekpo Agnes, thank you Mrs Anyigbo and thank you AWC
God bless the beautiful women of AWC and long live AWC

Adamson Folasade Mariam
University of Lagos (Graduate of Pharmacology )
Abidoye Ruth Oluwafunmilayo

My name is Abidoye Ruth Oluwafunmilayo. I am an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. I just concluded my third year in the University and this was (to a great extent) made possible through the relentless effort and kindness of the American Women's Club.
The American Women's Club Scholarship was timely and divine. It came at a time when everything was extremely deteriorating and regressing; family, finances, passion, et cetera.
The scholarship has specifically helped in the furtherance of education and in the improvement in my academics. It gave me more time to concentrate on my academics and there were less distractions, worries, and more time to focus. Before I got this scholarship, I was working part time to make ends meet and it made me lose a bit of concentration in my academics. However, since I got the scholarship, I have been able to concentrate on my studies because resources needed are partly available. I want to also use this opportunity to thank the American Women's Club for the help they provided me and others like me. God bless you tremendously

Abidoye Ruth Oluwafunmilayo
Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife
Lucky Ihumnangho

My name is Uhunmwangho Lucky. I am a 500 level student of The Federal University of Technology Akure.
I have been a recipient of the AWC Schorlaship since my first year in school.
The scholarship Grants i have received have been of great help in the course of my education in the university . It has helped relieve some load off my parent's shoulders in terms of finance for my education.
AWC Scholarship not only assisted me financially, but also, and most importantly i got mentored to be a better person, one that affects the society positively.
Thanks to AWC Scholarship, i was mentored on the importance of taking part in voluntary community service, which over time have become an activity i enjoy taking part in regularly.
Also, the regular checks on my grades did motivate me to do better each coming semester.
I thank AWC for all the support rendered over the years, and i do wish the organization greater things in the future

Lucky Ihumnangho
Federal University of Technology Akure