American Business Council Synergy




  • The Office of Corporate Donations/ABC Synergy Director is responsible for contacting various corporations around Lagos to gain sponsorship and donations for AWC. AWC works closely with the American Business Council and fosters a close relationship between them.



  • Established a Framework for AWC engagement with ABC companies, built trust and improved AWC image with ABC companies.
  • AWC and its Charities included in ABC companies Stakeholder and Board meetings.
  • ABC member recruits include ABC CEO, MD of HP and wife of 7up CEO who are standing members of AWC today.
  • Communicated AWC benefits to ABC companies.
  • Some ABC companies have donated to our events. 7up donated drinks for our small world event and HP donated a printer for our giveaways during our Tea Party.
  • Built a credible list of all AWC Charities and future Expectations.


Texas BBQ Night, Annual Tea Party and Kiddie BBQ – 2019

  • ABC was fully involved in 2019 AWC Activities Texas BBQ Night, AWC Annual Tea Party and Kiddie BBQ
  • ABC companies and Nigerian Corporate organizations participated in all three AWC functions through in-kind donation, cash donations and ticket purchase for Texas BBQ. The following ABC companies participated: Krispy Kreme, HP, Guinness, Connect Nigeria, 7up and Tolaram group. 

AWC-ABC Mixer- October 26,  2019

  • Organized a mixer to introduce key ABC women leadership to AWC Leadership and present it’s charity initiatives. Used the mixer platform to recruit new members. Johnson and Johnson and PWC women leaders joined AWC as members after the Mixer.



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